Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

1. What is an Image Combination Lock?

Image Combination Lock is a combination padlock that uses images instead of numbers or letters on its dial. it uses images it is both easy and fun for the user.

2. Are there different Image Combination Locks to choose from?

Yes, there are two different Image Combination Locks available for purchase. One Image Combination Locks is consist of 12 different images of random symbols such as cat, dog, bird etc. The other type of Image Combination Lock also consist of 12 different images however with 12 different world most emoji faces icons such as smiley face, sad face, happy face etc. Each lock varies on colors such as baby blue, red, yellow, green, orange, pink and classic white.

3. How do I use Image Combination Lock?

Image Combination Lock is used like any traditional combination lock. In order to open the lock. The customer given three combination lock instruction that comes along within the blister package.

4. I noticed that the Image Combination Lock that is available in different colors comes with a keyhole in the back. Is a key provided with this lock?

Yes. The Image Combination Lock available in the colors orange, baby blue, pink and red has a keyhole in the back. (Please note that only these color locks have a keyhole. All other color locks do not have a keyhole). These four color locks each come with a Master key within their blister package. However, these locks are not intended for retail sale. This type of lock (i.e., with a Master key) are made specifically for official supervisory use by individuals/entities such as schools, fitness centers, storage facilities, and offices. If you purchase a lock with a Master Key, we strongly advise you to keep the Master key in a secure location at all times. Image Combination Lock is not responsible for the loss, theft, or damage of personal property.

However, in the event that you lose your Master Key, you can purchase another Master Key separately for $2.50 for the price of one key. The shipping cost for one Master Key is $2.20. If you would like to purchase another Master Key please send a written request to imagelock@hotmail.com. In order to receive your Master Key you must complete a form. On this form you must include the number and the color of the lock. Without this information we will not be able to send a replacement Master Key. This form must be notarized and sent back to us electronically.

Again, please be advised that the Image Combination Lock is not responsible for the security of your belongings when using any Image Combination Lock product.

5. I have a combination lock on my school locker that contains a keyhole in the back. Is it possible to get a key for my lock?

No. These type of locks are registered to a particular business and/or school and the keys are reserved for their use only.

Only the registered owner (i.e., school or other institution or place of business) of the Master Keys can purchase replacement Master Keys. A registered institution may purchase up to five additional Master Keys. To do so, the institution must request the keys by sending an email to imagelock@hotmail.com with the subject line “Customer Service/Registered Keys.” This email must include a document that indicates the number of keys requested on official letterhead, including the key numbers and the colors of the locks. Additionally, this letterhead must be notarized. The cost is $1.99 per key plus a $2.50 flat fee for shipping, regardless of the numbers of keys being ordered.

A remittance request will accompany your keys. Payment can only be made by money order or check at this time. No credit card payments are accepted. We apologize for any inconvenience.

6. Does ImageLOCK keep a record of any combination codes or key numbers for their customers?

Unfortunately, we do not keep any combination record for the privacy and safety of our customers. Your combination is yours and yours only.

 7. Do you sell in wholesale or only retail?

Yes, we currently sell retail and wholesale. Please contact us via email to inquire about wholesale prices and any other related transactions. 

8. Do you sell in wholesale to any businesses/institutions such as schools, fitness centers, and/or storage facilities?

Yes, we sell wholesale prices to businesses/institutions requiring administrative access to the locks. For wholesale each ImageLOCK comes in a carton box that carries 6 cases; each case carries 12 locks with the total of 72 units per master box. Prices will vary depending on the product and available quantities. Please contact us at imagelock@hotmail.com for any further inquiries with regards to purchasing ImageLOCK in wholesale.

9. How to use the ImageLOCK?

An image combination lock is useful for your school locker, work locker, gym locker, bike, cabinet drawers, trunk or anything else that you’d like to keep safely stowed. A combination lock has never been this fun to open. Once you know your image combination codes, opening a combination lock is very easy and fun to use—just a couple turns to the left and right, and presto—the lock is open! If you want to know how to open a combination lock, just follow these steps.


Find the combination on the sticker that comes with the lock . Your new combination lock will come with a separate peace of paper on the back of the lock, telling you your lock’s combination. Remove the paper carefully. Write down the combination codes or save it somewhere in case, if you have forgotten — you don’t want to leave the codes around in case someone else finds it and knows it’s the combination to a lock.

  • Begin memorizing your new locker combination. Since image lock provides images. This will make it easier for you to consistently open the lock.
  • Turn the dial on the lock clockwise three times. Turn the dial to the right. This clears the lock and resets it so that it’s ready to open.
  • Stop turning when the image of heart is under the line.The line should be at the top of the dial, pointing to the twelve o’clock position. it will be silver. The first image on this lock’s combination is bird, so you should stop turning the dial when the marker points to that number.
  • Turn the dial back to the left for one full turn. Spin it counterclockwise one full turn, past the first image bird, then stop at the second image—in this case, star.
  • Turn the dial to the right. Finally, turn the dial clockwise again and stop at the last image on the paper—butterfly.
  • Open the lock. Pull up the shackle at the top of the lock, and it should open right up. You can also hold on to the shackle and pull down the lock.
    • If it doesn’t open, repeat the process from the beginning. Once you’ve partially engaged the tumblers, you should clear out the lock before trying again.

                                           Locking the Combination Lock

 Insert the shackle. Spin the shackle around so that the opened portion is above the hole, and push it into the opening at the top of the lock.

Spin the dial. Turn the dial in any direction for three turns. It doesn’t matter what images you stop on. This process will disengage the tumblers and will make it so that you’ll have to start all over again with the first number if you want to open it.

Test it. Make sure it’s locked by pulling on the lock or shackle. If it opens, lock it again.


  • If you mess up, disengage on shackles by mistakes or pass first image; keep trying. It’ll come to you sooner or later.
  • Placing tension on the shackle (the U-shaped part that holds the thing you want to lock) will place more friction on the mechanics of the lock. Just leave the shackle alone and you’ll open the lock smoothly.
  • The more you do it, the easier it’ll get!
  • If your lock is not opening even if you tried more than one time just check if its not hard when your turning it if it is hard than you need a new lock.

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