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Our mission is to provide an easy to use and secure combination lock for all people. ImageLOCK is simple to use—and fun—because it uses memorable images instead of numbers or letters. It is also our goal to provide a lock specifically for individuals who may have difficulty remembering combinations that use numbers or letters, such as for people with differentiated learning abilities or individuals with Alzheimer’s disease. We are currently in the process of creating new versions of the ImageLOCK that will be even more fun to use and just as secure!

 Thank you all for your kind support. We appreciate all the encouraging feedback we have received from our customers across the US and abroad. ImageLOCK is used and loved by children, teachers, parents, and adults, as well as by businesses such as the Open Box game from Department of Education nationwide and Escape Room Madness©. Your continued support means world to us and we are happy to provide a new and easier to use combination lock

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